[Be] Essenza 汽车用品品牌设计

Essenza Branding Design

Essenza 是一个专注于汽车细节的品牌。 Essenza 大胆并致力于所提供服务的质量,其努力的核心是满足要求极高的客户。 为了构成视觉识别,创建了一个受汽车世界线条启发的标识。 该项目还有一个象征,代表 Essenza 的服务质量所提供的光彩。 橙色在项目中突出显示,是主要颜色。 黑色和灰色阴影补充了色彩调色板。 为了规范 Essenza 的视觉语言,我们制作了一本品牌手册来描述所有的视觉元素,以及它们的用途和限制。

Essenza is a brand specializing in automotive detailing. Bold and committed to the quality of the services offered, Essenza places at the center of its efforts the satisfaction of its extremely demanding customers. To compose the visual identity, a logotype inspired by the lines of the automotive universe was created. The project also has a symbol that represents the brilliance provided by the quality of Essenza’s services. Orange is highlighted in the project, being the main color. Black and shades of gray complement the chromatic palette. To standardize Essenza’s visual language, a brand book was created to describe all the visual elements, as well as their uses and restrictions.