[Be] Coffee Records Brand Design-咖啡品牌设计

Coffee Records 是位于基辅历史中心的咖啡和浓缩咖啡吧。 气氛充满了对音乐的热情和热爱。 该项目完全自然地延续了业主的性格。 他们是音乐家,有点疯狂。 除了乌克兰顶级大律师的一杯好咖啡,您还可以享用早餐或晚上享用天然葡萄酒。

我们创建了命名、图形标识并在现实中实施了所有设计理念。 我们努力创造一个不乏味、有趣、灵活、善于交流但同时又能被识别的品牌。 看来我们已经成功了。

艺术总监:Andrei Barmalei
高级设计师:Dmitry Onischenko
Eglomise 大师:Ira Senatos
摄影师:Julia Vdovychenko

Coffee Records is cafe&espresso bar in the historic heart of Kyiv. The atmosphere are saturated with passion and love for music. This project is totally natural continuation of the characters of its owners. They are musicians and little bit crazy. Besides a great cup of coffee by top barristers in Ukraine you can have breakfast or enjoy the natural wines in the evening.

We created the naming, graphic identity and implemented all design ideas in reality. We strived to create a brand that is not boring, fun, flexible, communicative, but recognizable at the same time. It seems we have succeeded.